Melons and watermelons

A few years ago we started to work alongside the production of vegetables and forage also that of fruit: the results were surprising and that’s why we decided to continue on this path, increasing our quota year by year.

We specialize in the cultivation of winter melon and seedless watermelon.
Our fruit is particularly sweet and appreciated by customers of many supermarkets throughout Sardinia.

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The winter melon is a variety of melon that is harvested, like the other varieties, between August and September, but it can be kept perfectly even until December and January. The pulp is white while the outside is green. It can be eaten alone or combined with prosciutto, as in the most traditional of recipes.


It is a selected variety that produces very few seeds, white and smaller compared to the classic black seeds of watermelon. It is a strictly summer fruit, which in our land we continue to collect until mid- September and even the end of that month, depending on the year.